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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Arsenal is Empty

The U.S. Supreme Court could issue its rulings tomorrow (or maybe Monday or Thursday of next week, or maybe... later) on California's Proposition 8 -- wherein gay-obsessed haters convinced California voters to barely pass a measure taking away the right to marry from same-sex couples -- and the ironically named federal Defense of Marriage Act, which says that the federal government won't recognize marriages of same sex couples, even if they're legal in their home states.  That caused major headaches for me and Adrián, and even worse for Mark and Fred of Our Simple Lives, who like many of the estimated 36,000 bi-national couples living in the United States came close to emigrating to a country where their family would be recognized.

If you've followed the evolution of the arguments of opponents of marriage equality, you'll notice a narrowing of their messaging over the five years since Prop 8 passed.  Gone are the days when fevered fundamentalists tried to convince us all that if boys marry boys, well, boys marrying banana slugs can't be far off.  About all that seems left to them is that somewhere, somehow, Bobby and Tommy getting married will make little children cry.  And that doesn't seem to be gaining them much traction these days.

This post went up today on Huffington Post and The Next Family:

Sometimes the question pounces from the most unexpected directions.

I was sitting in our daughters’ playpen, reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” for the third time that day.  That’s when our nanny sprung it on me: “Are you the father and Adrián is the mother?” she asked.  She’d worked for us for nearly a year and should have known better, but then again, we’re her first exposure to a same-sex headed family.  While I couldn’t help laughing a little, I patiently explained that, no, our twin daughters had two daddies but that we both do “mommy” things, too:  things like changing diapers, making sure they don’t starve, wiping tears, and, you know, generally acting as if we love them.   
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  1. I'm a little late on commenting, but I just wanted to say that I am beyond excited for you two and the entire LGBT community!!! Hip hip hooray!
    Long time coming.