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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sing Out, Olivia! (or how we became stage dads) (con videos en español)

Wow, what a day. 

Ted Olson kissed Olivia (Adrian was too slow with the camera, damnit).  I went on TV, unknowingly with "Earth's Best Tender Chicken and Stars" dribbling down my shoulder, had two margaritas and a capirinha, we met friends, we laughed, we cried (okay, we didn't really cry) and celebrated with more than a thousand delightful, friendly people.  For one warm evening, the divisions and imaginary walls of a city and community dissolved and people in a crowd cheered, whooped and shouted. 

And us?  Well, we over-exposed ourselves. See, no one can resist two hot dads... I mean, two adorable babies.

We were up at 5:00 am to prepare the kitchen for an interview with Telemundo network, one of the two powerhouse Spanish language networks in the U.S.  I did it because the producer is a friend of mine; we're in the midst of our remodel, my mom is sleeping on the sofa because her room is open to the back yard, and frankly, we're living in squalor.  But click here for the piece (en español).

Once we got to West Hollywood, pre-5:30 rally, TV crews made a beeline to the adorable twins in the red dresses.

We were quoted on Reuters, which consequently went everywhere
We were an "editors' pick." -----------------------> 

We were one of the examples of "the week's best photojournalism."

We were on Fox LA, with the aforementioned baby food dripping like a turd from above down my shoulder (I'm also embarrassed it looked like I was doing all the talking):

 Oh, but wait, there´s more.  We also met up with

We stopped before we were cited for violating child labor laws.


  1. Such a memorable day for you Guys and all same sex couples around the world!!!! Great job in the media you 4 look incredible! So very happy for you all. :)

  2. Almost forgot they Are having a salute to surrogacy celebration on August 24 in San Diego being hosted by some of my friends. It's IP's, surro's and such from around the world. Might be nice to celebrate your beautiful girls with you being so close. Here is the link: http://surrogacytogether.com/celebrations/san-diego-2013-salute-to-surrogacy-celebration/. Or contact me and I can give you Jon's email.

  3. It's time to support everyone dream and accept them in our society equal to every other men and women. I totally support gay marriages.

  4. i am with you ...best of luck..be together in future and increase your family..best wishes from thailand gay surrogacy