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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Media whores/Prostituyéndonos por una causa

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So I'm without a job.  I was laid off at the beginning of March.

For the past seven years, I've worked in PR for non-profit organizations, pimping others to the media.  But now that I'm a "consultant," I'm in business for myself, baby. 

The reporters keep calling, so what can I do?  Now, if I can just get paid for doing it...

Last week, we spoke to RAI, Italian national television, about how American society has changed socially since the days of "Three's Company."  We went to the Santa Monica Pier, where part of the opening credits were shot.  I the crew that even when I was growing up, there were gay couples in our neighborhood, and the show's premise to the contrary, even then male and female roommates sharing a hip Marina apartment wouldn't have raised many eyebrows, at least in L.A.  What I didn't say was that even when I was growing up I hated that show.

This is on Huffington Post and The Next Family today:

Jason Howe                                      

A Family Like Any Other -- Sort Of

Two toddlers anxious to hop in their parents' bed. Two parents trying not to start the day any earlier than necessary. It's a struggle repeated every day across the country, except that the two parents in question are both men, the babies born via an egg donor and surrogate mother.

Last month, I cajoled Adrián to go mano a mano with the homophobes in a debate on MundoFox, since I was too much of a coward to do it in Spanish (he did brilliantly, though he ignored my suggestions to brush his hair or wear a jacket.. he still looked better than the competition):

"¿Verdad o Mentira?" - Mayo 8 de 2013

Now I know why our CDs that Adrián takes to his office are never seen again...

And in March, we spoke with local ABC station KABC reacting to a statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics in support of marriage for gay couples because it´s good for their kids (duh):

We didn't like that story much, because they gave greater weight to the loony right-wing organization that broke off from the AAP because they wanted to do things like beat their children and issue falsehoods about gay parents (only a partial exaggeration; see here: http://www.acpeds.org/wp-content/uploads/Response-to-report-on-physi-punishment.pdf)

But a week or two later, we spoke to Univision 34, which did a much better job (link here: español):

Meanwhile, we wait along with everyone else for this month's expected ruling from the Supremes on Proposition 8 and DOMA. Stay tuned.  And let me know if you hear of any job openings.


  1. Estoy muy orgullosos de vosotros, modelos ejemplares de padres-- sois padres que defendeis vuestros intereses y los de vuestra familia. Que la corte suprema nos otorgue el derecho al matrimonio ya!

  2. Gracias, chicos -- escribidme offline. Tengo un amigo que lo hizo en Canada y puedo poneros en contacto.

  3. Nice head shot! You should totally move to DC. Not for Profits are the closest thing this town has to an industry :)

  4. Great article, Jason! Looks like you and Adrian have been working hard to fight for Clara and Olivia! They're lucky little ladies to have you for dads!

  5. Look at you guys...wow! Great job!