When toddlers attack

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The blog lives

But at the moment, I'm too tired to update.  It's 3:00 a.m., and we're in Spain.  I'll update later; for now, enjoy this just-shot (earlier today) clip of Olivia having issues with the DVD player in the apartment where we're staying:



  1. That was so entertaining...and very reminiscent of Cristina having an outburst at absolutely nothing...have fun in Spain!

  2. Hi guys. Your twin girls are really adorable in the video. So glad you captured Clara at the end too. Is she the patient sister? I see standing there without a care that Olivia is talking to a machine. We think of your family frequently because your kids and ours are around the same age. Can you believe they will be 1 yrs old very soon?
    Anyway, with twins on your hands, I know there's little time to update your blog. So thank you for creating this entry. Michael continues to update our blog. So catchup on Ethan's milestone if you'd like to know how he's been doing.
    We miss seeing you guys. Have a safe flight back to the States.


  3. Hola! Somos una pareja de chicos de San Vicente del Raspeig, que tenemos también un pareja de bebés nacidos con una gestante subrogada. Seguimos vuestro blog desde hace tiempo... y lo hemos pasado muy bien leyéndolo. Si estáis ahora aquí, ¿os apetecería quedar un día para conocernos? Nuestra dirección de email es sardoyeste@terra.es.

    1. Pues, vaya... el mundo es un pañuelo. Claro que nos gustaría quedar -- os escribo en tu correo!