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Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying again - Big Fat Photodump Part I

Pre-departure toast to the girls courtesy of Uncle Myles
Meeting Olivia
I'm so happy no one is sticking tubes in me anymore
Really?  You're letting her go with US?
Olivia cleared for launch
God, it's good to be out of there!
Street family on the way to DNC
Tent dwellers
Dude, can you watch it with those sudden accelerations?  We just lost Vivek!
Mango season!  I've made myself sick eating too many.
Great big Shiva
Inside the NICU  - Clara's in the corner
Cooling off near India Gate as the thermometer approaches 47 degrees
Cooling off -- yes, I felt pervy taking this.
We're going to get Clara?!?
Dr. Singh clears Clara for departure
Fellow Californians Michael and John of Our Gemini Dragons with son Ethan
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  1. YAY! These were worth the wait...and the time spent on your part. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely lovely.

  2. Love the photos and I feel better knowing that you feel "pervy" snapping that one photo.
    Thanks for updating this. I really wanted to see these photos.
    Can't wait for more updates!

  3. So happy you guys are together with your family (FAMILY!).

  4. Your daughters are lovely and they have fabulous dads. Congratulations and thank you for reposting so the pictures can be seen this time. Such joy for you all! May love surround your lives always.
    Additionally please share my joy in today's CA court prop 8 decision with Michael and John. May all your children, and my grandchildren, grow up in a more loving state in a more loving country.
    Can you provide a link to Michael&John's blog? Entering Our Gemini Dragons goes no where.

  5. Think my comments of appreciation for your re-post got lost. Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL. Your pictures wonderful. Your daughters are so lucky in their daddies! Thank you also for posting the picture of Michael, John and Ethan. I send good wishes for their family also. Can not get connection to their blog. Can you post link?
    In any case, please share my congratulations and joy to them and know how happy I am that Ca court answer was in favor of love and equality. May all your children, and my grandchildren, grow up in a state and country that supports and celebrates love and real family values!
    The sharing of love and hope and babies in the Indian Surrogacy blogs is always heartwarming and such a hope for the future. Many thanks and good wishes.......

  6. OMG! Yo guys look so good as daddis, it suits you! Good luck with the exit process and the girls are adorable!!

    Thanks for sharing pics :)

    Love from jersey :)

  7. Tears of Joy are rolling down my cheeks, your daughters are stunning and you guys are wonderful xx