When toddlers attack

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The creature

At dusk, she stirs from her torpor. 

No longer bloated and sated from her feeds, when she desperately draws the life-giving liquid from her hapless victims, the hunger wakes her.  She begins to move one extremity within her tightly wrapped shroud, patiently, biding her time until she works it free, then the other.  She raises her fist high in exhileration, above the lid of her vault, free... FREE!  She knocks gently on the lid of the simple box in which she sleeps, softly, once... twice... a noise as soft as a dove landing on a canvas tent.  She knows her loyal minions wait nearby, ready to do her bidding, ready to prepare her for another night's havoc.

But something is amiss.  They don't answer.  Why do they not appear to do her will?

She grows frustrated.  A low growl begins in her throat, inaudibly, then rises in pitch and intensity to a shriek that makes the blood freeze in the veins of any creature unlucky enough to be trapped nearby.

"Oh shit... Adrián?  Clara's awake, can you give her her bottle? I'm busy with Olivia."


  1. LOL!!!! You should be an author with classic writing like that. I love how you are enjoying all it is to be parents and with such gusto!

  2. Somebody has some time on his hands. Good for you!

  3. Someone's not getting his fresh veggies. HA!!!! The 27th is just around the corner.

    Oh, and Clara is going to hate you for this post when she's 16...that's why it's so AWESOME!

  4. Bwahaha great story book pics with Clara waving - over here, hellloooo over here !!

  5. How scary and lovely all at the same time.
    I was on the edge of my seat!