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Monday, June 4, 2012

Big fat photo dump -- Part 2

Clara cleared for release!

Olivia's excitement didn't last long
Yep, that's all of 'em!
Delhi Newborn lobby
Nurse Alfonsa and Papá set up the hotel-provided crib
Clara says "hmmm..."
Papá and Clara
"I like this thing called 'bath'"
Why do you keep pointing that thing at me?
Being naked is fun!
Papá brings the girls in for early morning kangaroo care with Daddy

Daddy and Olivia practice their Bollywood moves while Clara remains unimpressed


  1. Many congratulations ,on the birth of your girls they are gorgeous , can you post some information ,on some of the thing you took with you for them ,which hotel you stayed in , what kinda visa did you apply for to go to India ...I'm in my 19 week so I'm just trying to get some idea about what I need to be prepare for thank you so much ...

    1. We're staying at Svelte (http://www.svelte.in/), which is pricey (if you have lots of frequent flier miles, check to see if your airline allows you to use them to pay for hotel rooms and if they have a deal with Svelte -- most of our stay here is free), but is attached to City Select, one of Delhi's largest malls. There are several supermarkets and baby stores there, which are lifesavers if you run out of something or didn't want to pack everything. Not sure where you're from, but check with your embassy regarding how long it will take to get citizenship for your baby.

      We're here on a tourist visa, like almost everyone who comes for surrogacy. It's simpler, and though I've heard you theoretically could have problems if you're caught, medical visas come with their own problems.

      Good luck!

  2. Now I know I am missing some great photos in Part 1! The girls are adorable! As are the pair of you! One big happy family!

  3. Great photos and I'm so glad to see you all together. That last photo is perfect!
    For some reason, my computer won't allow me to see Part 1 of your Photo Dump. Can't wait for updates!

  4. Clara and Olivia both look absolutely adorable. So good to see the family together! Good luck with the exit process.

  5. Adorable - all of you look so happy! Enjoy those few weeks alone with your girls!

  6. They are looking so beatyful. So glad everything is going so smoothly, home already!

    Good luck with upcoming events with citizenship, passport and visas.

  7. Love your pics!!! They are beautiful!!!

  8. Gorgeous!!! My GOD that brings me back...our girls were that tiny once...it goes by in the blink of an eye....take a zillion pictures.
    Beautiful family!!!!

  9. I see these!
    Oh my god, they are GORGEOUS!!!

  10. So gorgeous. Enjoy these little beauties!

  11. ABSOLUTELY LOVELY Baby Girls! (also cute dads). Thank you for posting these pictures..... had begun to think the airlines were NEVER going to get you 4 together like you should be. CONGRATULATIONS and such joy and happiness!

  12. Congratulations!! They are beautiful and I love their names!! I'd love to know where you bought the red travel carrier/bed. We need 2 when we go to India in Aug.


  13. Adorable!!! I'm thrilled for you guys and can't wait to meet those two beautiful girls next week! See you all soon! Try and stay cool over there!

  14. They are absolutely beautiful, so happy to see you all together = teary : )

  15. Oh wow! What beautiful girls with such beautiful names! Congrats!

  16. Beautiful girls! So glad to see them out of hospital :D

  17. ¡Felicidades papis! Ya he visto las fotos de vuestras niñas, me alegro mucho por vosotros. Espero que algún día nos conozcamos cuando estéis por aqui. Disfrutar este momento tan intenso y ya me daréis consejos que yo espero pronto vivir ese momento.