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Monday, May 7, 2012

Day Three Update

By now, on the other side of the world, our girls are entering their fourth day of life, surrounded by beeping, hissing, pulsing machines that help them and other struggling preemies survive another day.  Each has a tube down her throat, and, as of this morning, up her nose, too, after incidents of apnea that worried their doctors.  But they're still breathing on their own.  The doctors aspirated technicolor goo from their stomachs, so for now, they're not eating, hooked up instead to IVs.  Each has lost about 150 grams so far, and Clara has some blood in her stool, though Dr. Gupta says it appears to be diminishing.  I'm told the liquid in their stomachs means that their digestive tracts aren't processing food yet; i.e., moving it from stomach to intestines.

Clara looks like she fell asleep with the remote in her hand
And what do I hear right now, myself?  Clacking keyboards.  Birds outside my office window.  Clattering plates in the office kitchen.  A constant low background murmur of other people's conversations.  I'm a dad.  Another Monday at work.  Truth is, I'm neither here nor there.  Surreal.  I'm definitely off somewhere else (though some would say that's not all that unusual for me). 
The amazing Bernadette, patron saint of the NICU, snapped these shots of Clara and Olivia while visiting their bunkmates at Camp Pitampura, Hayden and Scarlett.  We're incredibly grateful for the visual progress reports.
Olivia: Be a doll and refresh my mimosa.  And send that cute pool boy my way.

Both of us are trying to decide how soon we can leave work.  I'm in the middle of putting together our spring newsletter, and Adrián is giving final exams through the end of next week.  There's not much we can do there, but "here" doesn't feel right, either.


  1. Guys, this has got to be a tough place for you emotionally. Just remember that your doctors are giving the babies 24 hour care - and Bernadette and Avey will keep them in their sights too, I'm sure. I pray that you'll be at peace until you can snuggle the babies in person. Again, so happy for you two! Best wishes!

  2. Ditto to Allies post. Our thoughts are with you both & to Clara and Olivia for bountiful growth and health.

  3. Boys, I'm so happy for you right now. I have goosebumps. I'm sorry that I don't pay attention to blogs over the weekend. But I really should follow those of expectant parents. Because, obviously, you never know.
    Congratulations to you! I feel bad that you're in a state of limbo. I would be a total basket case.
    Beautiful girls with beautiful names.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. We understand where you are! It was 2 insanely surreal days when our girls were born. This incredible thing happened and we were commuting and working and carrying on waiting for the right moment to go and be with them. As soon as you get there...THAT'S the right time.
    For now, celebrate the 2 little souls that will change everything in your life from here on out. You are Parents!

  5. Like Allie said, this is probably the toughest time...but at least you DO have two angels over there in Bernadette and Avey, checking on Olivia and Clara. They both look great. Hang in there, you two...and again, CONGRATS on being daddies!!!

  6. Painstakingly difficult, but boy oh boy are they adorable!!!! It is very difficult to be home, hopefully you can get there as soon as it is right. Do keep us updated!

  7. You'll be there in no time! Congrats again!

  8. You boys and the babes continue to stay in our minds and prayers. Continuing to send tons of white light & positive thoughts there way. Please call or text any time.

  9. I cant imagine how emotionally pulled you both feel right now. However your little girls are in the care they need for the time being until you can get there. It's far better that you get what you need to get done out of the way now rather than feeling stressed about it. Clara and Olivia know their daddies love them. I am sure it wont be long until you are holding them in your arms. All the best

  10. Once you're there you will forget this time of being in no-man's land. Even if you were there right now, you would be in the semi-dazed cloud of surrealism than accompanies becoming a parent for the first time. You have a lifetime to be with these beautiful little ladies ... hang in there! Meg xxx

  11. sorry that you can't be there with your girls just yet. But Bernadette is an absolutely AMAZING woman and I'm sure it's nice to know she's helping to look over your family.