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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Planes and boats and trains

Actually, just planes.  I love airports.

I have ever since I was a little kid and we'd drop my dad off as he headed to glamourous places like Tokyo or Hong Kong or Jonesboro, Arkansas for his business trips.  Back in that less environmentally friendly era, the jetliners were noisy enough to rattle the windows of your house when they passed overhead, and belched out fumes that to me smelled better than orange blossom.  I loved the kerosene-scented breath of the big jets and hearing the whine of the engines all the way from the passenger drop-off area.

I'm still that way:  if I can't take a trip myself, I'll do it vicariously.  So besides dodging deadly and blinding eclipse rays, the other big event of the weekend was heading to LAX to see off Dan and Todd of San Diego, another pair of IPs.  Their son Colton was born in Delhi the same night as Bill and Doug's Cristina was born on the East Coast. 

The drive up from SD took them less time then expected, and we got mired in a surprise traffic jam on the 405, so we ended up only being able to spend about 20 minutes with them before they had to head through security.  They flew China Eastern airlines through Shanghai.  So strange to be there and not get on a plane ourselves, though we did take advantage of the situation to try to change our tickets at the Singapore Airlines ticket counter.

On arrival at Delhi Newborn Centre, it turns out Colton was already sharing bed space with Olivia and Clara -- I'll have to take that up with his dads.  He's already out -- congrats, guys!  -- and they managed to charm the nurses into letting them take the photos below, which they sent me thanks to the magic of Viber. If you don't already have it, it's a free app that lets you make free calls and send free texts anywhere in the world from your mobile, as long as there's a WiFi connection.

Is that... is that ME?  Is my deodorant not working?

Olivia turns her head and clenches her fists in frustration - AGAIN with the paparazzi??


  1. i think the picture of Clara says am a champ!!i hope enjoy your stay in Delhi and wishing you a quick exit too.

  2. These are 2 beautiful ladies, so perfect !
    I love international airports, the greeting the passengers have with their loved ones on return, the excitement of the departing passengers and especially the flicking of the older style flight arrival and departure boards when they are updating schedules. I remember seeing these when I was very young and becoming enamored with the exotic names - Madras, Bombay (in those days), Madrid etc and vowed to visit them all 'when I grew up'. Not sure if the latter happened but the former did : )

  3. So much preciousness here.
    I'm so happy for all of you.

  4. How cool to spend time with the boys who's son share's our daughter's birthday! I love the photos...and I hope you don't find this offensive (but after your comment about Cristina's Victoria's Secret photo comment you may deserve it :-))...it kinda looks like you cropped out Olivia's right hand because she was flipping someone the bird. Ok, I'm terrible...sorry. They're beautiful!

    And P.S...we spent time with Kevin and Jeff tonight. Cristina enjoyed meeting them and they look like very excited DADS-to-be! More in a later post.

    D and B and C

  5. How cool is it to be reading about Todd, Colton and I in a blog we have been "stalking" for many many weeks now?!? So surreal. Can I just attest to the fact that although at times, the whole journey had seemed endless and frustrating and all those yuk emotions...being here at the Svelte with little Colton, laying in bed staring into his little eyes--Totally worth every minute.
    You boys get your butts out here Pronto! We need more gay Daddies in the hood! ;o)
    Sooo looking forward to that margarita we promised to partake in once you arrive!
    Safe travels to you both and do yourselves a favor--take sleeping pills for the first leg of the flight. We didn't and on the second flight we wished we had!
    Please Viber us when you know for sure you are on the flight and headed out!! You're girls are going to be SO happy to see you!
    (PS: I took those awesome photos! Don't be givin' credit to the nurses!!) ;)