When toddlers attack

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From the "be careful what you wish for" desk...

What happens to minivans that go bad.
So it seems my poor minivan, tired of my derisive jokes, decided to allow itself to be seduced by a stranger while I had it parked outside a framing shop in downtown L.A. for 20 minutes.  I paced back and forth on the sidewalk past the spot where I left it, sure that if I just looked again, it would have been there all along, hidden beneath, I don't know, a leaf or a gum wrapper or something.

No.  And in spite of the fact I had parked exactly BELOW a "no parking, tow-away" sign, it hadn't been towed, either.  So now we're in the market again.


  1. Maybe it got tired of waiting and went to look for you!

  2. Oh man! We all want to know... will you be replacing it with another minivan?

  3. Omg!!! Maybe you should get that sports car after all!

  4. This is the most horrible thing that I've ever heard! Well, you know, being a fellow gay-dad mini-van driver.

  5. Who knew mini vans were so desirable? Well there you go again on the masculine search for a new minivan!!