When toddlers attack

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mommmmmmy....? I'm commmming to geeeeeeeet you....

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Michael and Derek on the birth of Aaron and Jeffrey, and to Avey and Vinay on the birth of Hari!  And I'm still sending good thoughts out to Bernadette and Duane, hoping that Hayden and Scarlett continue to get stronger and stronger.

Ultrasounds are funny things.  Unless we're trained technicians, on our own, most of us are only able to see recognizable body parts ... part of the time.  And when we do, it often appears that important parts are missing, or that others have sprouted where they shouldn't be. 

A lot of us have remarked that our babies look like aliens.  Could be worse; at least they won't suck the soul from your body.  Take a look at what I found with a quick search on the internet:

This lady is having twins.  One of them is Jesus.

Which is probably good, because this one is giving birth to the devil. 

And finally, if you really, really like your ultrasound, at one time there was an artist selling online who would turn your scary image into a wall-sized acrylic-on-canvas painting:

 Though personally, I'd avoid any room where that was hanging on the wall.


  1. Dear Jason and Adrian thank you so much for your best wishes.
    These pics are really quite scary, must admit not a big 4D baby scan fan.

    Take care

  2. you are demented. and i like it. i could have sworn that the first image was yours and i thought "OH CRAP!"

  3. oh cant stop laughing. got my 30 weeek 4D today and i must tell you, i wasnt thrilled because it looked like the ugliest member of my husbands family. lolllll

  4. I can't believe you not going to put that canvas painting in your nursery. Oh well!
    Thanks for sharing photos of those evil babies.

  5. lol! God this made me laugh! - we just got our 20week 3D scan.... in one pose I'm sure there's a tongue poking out and the other looks like s/he is having some sort of comb over thing happening with boggle eyes....

  6. Haha fantastic, definitely something you want to share with your child at 18.

  7. Ha! Hilarious. Can't wait for my very own alien baby ultrasound pic, though. :)

  8. Thanks for the well wishes. And I, too, am pulling for Duane and Bernadette's twins. Hoping they'll be home soon.

    I love the devil picture. Too funny.