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Monday, March 19, 2012

Brains and abdomens

That's about all I can make out in these images.  Anything after 4-D images is sort of anti-climactic, but we were still excited to get our latest scans on Saturday.  Dr. Shivani says everything is still looking good, though our little Toad and Alien (Adrián says "no los llames así, coño. ") have diverged pretty significantly in size since the last scan.  As of last Saturday, Toad weighed in at an estimated 984 grams.  Alien lagged at 688 grams. 

That translates to a two-week difference in gestational age -- Toad was a week ahead of their actual GA at 26 weeks three days, and Alien was a week behind at 24 weeks four days.  As always, it's possible to go into anxiety mode by consulting Dr. Google and finding studies like this one that says that discordant weights lead to premature birth, fetal death, global warming, plantar warts and war in the Middle East.   But both babies are still within the bounds of normal and Dr. Shivani is pleased, so I'm not worried.  Much.  At this very moment.

We're still thinking boy and girl. 


  1. And what beautiful brains and abdomens they are!

  2. You are hilarious...We're selfish and want two girls so Cristina will have two playmates in LA that are her same age! Hopefully w/o plantar warts, though.

  3. Just make sure everyone wears slippahs in the shower.

    1. ho man you are so local, brah!!! Or Asian. LOL.

  4. Dr Google is such a kill joy, bring back the days of ignorant bliss, but get rid of the plantar warts....eeeewwhh!!!
    So glad the twins are doing well :)

  5. Toad and alien - bwahahaha, at least you are get brains, unlike much of the human race whos scans must have just been abdomens.

  6. Hello Chaps,
    it is also worth remembering that your twins aren't identical, but two seperate little ones, so their growth patterns etc will be very different.
    There was nearly a 600 gram difference between Max & Lily and now Lily is still a wee thing compared to her bruiser brother, but both are perfect and both hit their developmental milestone, it's just that Lily is always between the 15-20th percentile on any growth chart and Max is between the 50th-60th,
    much love

  7. Totally has your nose. What you can't seeit?

  8. Awwwww it's so lovely to see your 2 little bubs growing on the scans. I am guessing that the brain you see is the girl and the abdomen is the boy ! Only joking! All the very best

  9. I know that it's pointless to tell you this, but don't worry so much about the measurements. The doctors we're not right on with our kids. Even a little miss-click and it makes everything crazy. Take the time to breathe!

  10. ... and what nice looking brains they are :)