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Friday, February 24, 2012

Puppies, unicorns and rainbows

Just got back from taking my mom to the oncologist -- she's cancer-free!  The spot in her lung is half the size of what it was and still shrinking, and is apparently just a result of the pneumonia. 

We're all very relieved.

Holy crap.  Now what do we do? 

Time to call the contractor!

Acabo de volver de llevar a mi madre a la oncóloga -- no tiene cáncer!  La mancha en su pulmón es la mitad del tamaño que era y está disminuyendo todavía.  La oncóloga dice que era resultado de la pulmonía.
Estamos muy aliviados.
Santa mierda, como decimos en inglés, y ahora qué?
Es hora de llamar al contratista!


  1. Yay! Oh gosh guys that is such good news. More pics of her fabness in the 70's/80's are in order!

  2. this is fantastic news guys! go celebrate!

  3. I am crying reading your blog. That's such fantastic news. I lost my mum to cancer and cared for her in her last few months. I wish she could be here now as we go through the surrogacy journey but I know she is looking down on me and saying "go for it kid" (because I am the baby of our family). I'm sure your twins are gonna be spoiled rotten by your Mum - is she a gran, nanna, nonna? So stoked to hear this news.All the best

    1. Either Nana (which is what I called mine) or Yaya (which is what Adrián called his)! She hasn't indicated any strong preference.

  4. What a relief! This is definitely news worth celebrating this weekend.

  5. Wonderful wonderful wonderful news!!! So happy to read this!

  6. Wonderful WONDERFUL news! My momma passed away from cancer one year after my 2nd child was born. Our third came as a surprise, and we knew as soon as we saw the test, this baby would be named after her. Low and behold, of all days, my "due date" with him, was on her birthday :)
    Unfortunately, he wasn't into sharing with her - she held out 15 days "late" and landed on MY grandmother's birthday. Nana's are fabulous!

  7. Fantastic news!
    Now get that contractor working...the clock is ticking!!!!
    Best wishes.

  8. What a WONDERFUL post! I am so happy for your family! Now onto those renovations!

  9. Hi Guys we are staying at Svelte Apartments. It was great up until last night but the shopping center next door is being renovated and they were jackhmmering all night long!!!

  10. great news about your mom!!!!!!

  11. Brillant news! You all must be so relieved and over the moon!!

  12. Very nice post!
    Thanks and have a great day!

  13. This is so cool. Now the fun begins -- construction!!!

  14. Yahoo! That is beautiful! Happy for your mama and you!