When toddlers attack

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The first 4Ds

Introducing -- well, I'm not sure whom I'm introducing, but my goodness, there are little people in there:

Here's Bicho One.  Looks grouchy. 

Here's Bicho Two.  Looks like it has half a nose, but Dr. Shivani assures me that's just an anomaly of the ultrasound.  I already knew that.  No, really.  I did.
I'm thinking "boy" and "girl."  Well, okay, actually, I'm thinking "toad" and "alien," but I know "boy" and "girl" are more likely what I'll get.  Or boy and boy.  Or girl and girl.  Either way, we'll be very happy.  As long as they don't keep looking like toad and alien.  Developmentally, Bicho Two is delightfully average at this stage of the game... Bicho One is a bruiser.

Our tickets are bought -- we're flying Singapore Air via Narita and Singapore, a whopping 49 hours of travel time on the outbound but I've always wanted to fly them.  Any itinerary from L.A. includes an apparently unavoidable 24-hour stopover in Singapore, which is fine, because I still remember the restaurants I visited on my last trip there and plan to spend the whole day eating.  Of course, if the babies come early, we'll want to get out of there as quickly as possible and won't feel like eating anything, but for now I'm imagining everything goes according to plan.

My mom has her appointment with the oncologist on Friday -- today she got a bit of cautiously good news from her internist, who had seen the scans, but he's not the specialist... fingers crossed.

Y de ahora en adelante, voy a intentar hacer traducciones en español, ya que parece que a mi marido le da demasiada pereza poner el dedo en el teclado.  Disculpad los errores.

Presentando... bueno, no sé a quien estoy presentando, pero jolín, hay personas pequeñas allí dentro.

Bicho Uno parece de mal carácter.

A Bicho Dos parece que le falta media naríz, pero la Dra. Shivani me asegura que solo era una anomalía del escaner. Lo cual ya sabía. No, lo digo en serio, ya lo sabía. Pero mirad los pómulos que tiene!

Estoy pensando "niño" y "niña." Bueno, la verdad es que estoy pensando "sapo" y "extraterrestre," pero sé que es más probable que voy a recibir "niño" y "niña." O dos niños. O dos niñas. Sean lo que sean, estaremos contentos... menos que sigan pareciendo sapo y extraterrestre.

En cuanto su desarrollo, Bicho Uno es un toro; Bicho Dos es perfectamente mediano.

Ya hemos comprado los billetes de avión -- volamos con Singapore Airlines por Narita y Singapore, total de 48 horas viajando a la ida, pero siempre he querido volar con ellos. Cualquier itenerario desde Los Ángeles incluye una escala inevitable en Singapore, lo cual está bien, porque todavía recuerdo los restaurantes que visité en mi último viaje y planeo pasar todo el día comiendo. Claro, si los peques deciden llegar pronto, querremos ir de allí lo más rápido posible y que no nos apetecerá comer nada. Pero por el momento estoy imaginando que todo va según el plan. Puedo soñar.

Mi madre tiene su cita con la oncóloga el viernes -- hoy recibió lo que puede ser una buena noticia de su internista, que había echado un vistazo a los escaners... pero él no es la especialista. Voy con los dedos cruzados.


  1. Good luck with everything, the scans are amazing! Thank god Bicho 2 has a full nose, it helps with breathing! LOL!

  2. hey it's so good to see a post from you..about babies and mom! they both look great, even if he isn't the specialist. i'll take good news in pairs. see you on saturday. oh, and did you say "everything goes according to plan"? sorry, i chuckled. and sorry again, i am evil!

  3. Amazing to see pics like these! Thanks for sharing.

  4. PS Singapore Airlines is a good choice

  5. Your babies look beautiful, even with the ultrasound anomolies! Hoping all the best for your Mum.

  6. These photos are amazing. This is so exciting!
    Yes, Fingers Crossed for your Mom.

  7. Awesome pictures and it does seem like boy/girl!!

  8. Sometimes I'm still amazed that we can take pictures of the little people growing inside of other people. They look precious! Congrats!

  9. Love those scan phots, they are cute and very wierd all at the same time! Good luck with everything.