When toddlers attack

Friday, December 2, 2011

Wayward texts

Mystery texter in the 510:  Sorry, a little scattered.  Stopped for a couple of beers with buddies on way home and haven't had din yet.  For sure let's catch up off line and check out your works.  :)

Mystery texter in the 510:  So funny I still know ur number by heart.  Probably the only one I do.

Me:  Awww... that's sweet.

Me:  But... um... who is this?

Mystery texter: 


  1. So glad I can't be pegged with this one. We live in the 808.

  2. Regardless, he sounds like a nice guy.

  3. I know! Should I have told him "it's okay, you can memorize my number... wait, what do you look like... can you send me a pic first?"

  4. I'm looking at this again. Maybe he's not a he and maybe he's a she. Just sayin'... I wouldn't use "buddies" as the defining factor.