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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nose news is good news

Any resemblance to this child is purely coincidental
One summer, when I was about seven and staying with my grandparents in L.A. on my annual visit from Hawaii, my grandfather caught me picking my nose.  We were watching TV on the sofa and my finger absent-mindedly found its way into my nostril. 

My grandfather looked over and casually said "You know what's going to happen, right?  You're going to stretch out your nostrils and they'll never go back to the way they were."

"Nuh uh," I said, lowering my finger uncertainly.

"It's true.  I used to have a nose like yours.  Then I picked it, and look at it now."

I was horrified.  My grandfather surely had one of the largest probosci ever to light on a human face.  Each of his nostrils was cavernous. As a child, it looked to me as if I could run the tracks of my electric train (a big Lionel, not one of those wimpy Tyco things) up one nostril and out the other, which would have been a lot more fun than that stupid styrafoam mountain that came with the train set, though similar in size and shape.   His nose jutted from his face in a magnificent arc that would have made a macaw proud.

My point is that, while I didn't inherit the Nathan nose, I know it's lurking in my genes, preparing to enthusiastically assert itself in a new generation (my mom got it, but I promised I wouldn't talk about why she no longer has it.  All I'll say is that it also was a rite of passage for a lot of girls at my high school).  And our donor appears to have a healthy schnoz.

Now, look what appeared in my inbox this morning:

 Is that baby wearing a clown nose? 

Okay, okay, I know it's likely what's left of the yolk sac.  And other nose-news is quite good -- Dr. Jolly noted nasal bones on both on this morning's report.

Bicho 1:
Approx. gestational age: 12 weeks 0 days
BPD - 14mm (help me out here, is that a little small?)
CRL - 53mm
Nuchal translucency - 0.9mm
No obvious gross transgenital anomaly (nuchal translucency and the presence of a nasal bone suggest a lower risk of Down's Syndrome and other genetic abnormalities -- normal is up to 2.0mm at 11 weeks)

Bicho 2:
Approx. gestational age:  11 weeks 4 days
BPD- 13mm (will we have children with very small heads but very large noses?)
CRL - 47mm
Nuchal lucency: 1.1mm

By the way, I'm trying to comment on all your blogs, but for some reason, Blogger keeps telling me I don't have access.  Not even to comment on my own.  But I am reading...


  1. You are obsessed with noses. Are you sure you weren't one of the girls at your high school? ;-)

    What great news that one of your little ones is coming out of the first trimester (not "coming out" I meant "emerging with flying colors"...and a big nose)...and wonderful result on the NT test.

    Oh, and I'm telling your mother!

  2. Wonderful babies, Grow, grow, grow!

  3. I love a big nose on a guy. Honestly, whenever I'm in France, my head starts to swirl and I get all weak in the knees. Okay, so I'm stereotyping all French men. So?

  4. OMG!!!!! cant stop laughing reading this and checking out the scan. surely, you cant see the nose at this stage???oh so funny

  5. I have a very large nose. I think my babies might get large noses too. It was rough in junior high but it's who I am so tell your babies to be proud of their noses. Eventually they'll be proud of their schnozzes!

  6. Well you know what they say about men with big noses.........or was that big hands???? LOL!
    Love your posts, your so funny!!!! I'm having trouble commenting some days too and on some blogs I havn't been able to comment for weeks!!