When toddlers attack

Friday, November 25, 2011

Now we can call them twins

Don't spook the rednecks!  They might stampede!
While shopping fans across the US pushed, pulled and pepper-sprayed each other in the annual orgy of pre-Christmas consumerism known as Black Friday, we were opening our latest scan -- the first one that shows something that may be vaguely human:
According to Dr. Jolly, our remaining fetuses look healthy -- Twin One is 36 mm, gestational age of 10 weeks four days, with a heart rate of 160 beats per minute.  Twin Two is 29 mm, gestational age of 9 weeks five days, with a heart rate of 156 beats per minute.  

And if it's not too late for a Thanksgiving posting -- my cousin spent the holiday at Plymouth, where the native Wampanoag gave the Pilgrims food and in return the Pilgrims gave the Wampanoag... smallpox.  She took a photo of this cringe-worthy plaque, because you know that if they had to spell it out, people have actually said this stuff:

Actually,  "hey you!" works fine, too.
I suppose that after 400 years, one gets weary.


  1. Wow you got a real black friday score. No camping out required! The bichos are adorable.

  2. Great scans...so glad all looks good!

  3. Wow, that's a pretty serious sensitivity board they've got going up there. Yikes!