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Friday, October 7, 2011

Burying the lead

Our heroes at ISIS with the wonderful Dr. Shivani
Okay, so it's been a long, dreary summer -- my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery and radiation (she's fine, thanks, they caught it extremely early), and a new job that keeps me very busy.

But the news is this:  we did our transfer yesterday; four grade 1 embryos.  So we're in our two-week wait.  We also are proud parents of 12 more grade 1 and 2 embryos, safely on ice.

Holy shit.  This is happening.

Oh, and a final joke para los hispanoparlantes.  We saw this vehicle, called a "Montero" in the States and in Spanish-speaking countries but "Pajero" in India and in countries without a large Spanish-speaking population, on the way to the airport.  If you google its meaning, you'll see why it's funny -- not to mention relevant to the whole male IVF perspective.  I couldn't help feel it was directed at me:


  1. you guys have been so good at keeping a secret I have no idea how you've done it. sending good vibes...looking forward to the next post. oh and i looked up montero but i'm not sure i'm following you..."beater" or "master of the hunt"? whatever you meant "GOOD LUCK!!!!!"

  2. oh and i'm sorry about your mom...so glad they caught it early! and hope the job is going well...

  3. Pajero:Spanish slang word meaning 'He who fiddles with himself for sexual gratification'.

    Haha India will bring out the Pajero in you for sure

  4. I remember those two weeks, so exciting and stressful! Gotta get through them, though. No other way to go about it.

    Sorry to hear about your mom. Cancer visited our family several times over the last couple of decades and it sucks.

    Good luck with everything!

  5. Sending a ton of Baby Dust to you guys ;)

  6. Splendid news gentlemen!!!! Crossing my fingers as we all wait for your news. (Now that the cat is out of the bag, don't leave us hangin')