When toddlers attack

Friday, July 16, 2010

So... they're in favor of polygamy?


  1. Priceless I laughed so hard when I read that!!!! Thank god we can have children we will be able to educate them and teach them how to spell and understand god's word (or at least English)!!!!

    I am sure a man marrying several women would not worry her or her kin folk........

  2. IS she from that awful Westbro Church?

    Boooooo to you!!!!! lady.

  3. I don't think so... they're usually spew their bile more grammatically!

  4. I love the redneck placard.

    "What do we want?"...

    ..."Marriage is between a man a a women homosexual life style is a sin against god's word they cannot procreate."

    "When do we want it?"...

    ..."Er, what was the question again?"