When toddlers attack

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Live online coverage of the federal Prop 8 trial

Not surprisingly, child-rearing is central to the questioning. Defense attorney Charles Cooper has been attempting to argue that procreation is central to the institution of marriage, and that allowing same-sex couples to marry would weaken that connection, which would hurt children.  Towards the end of the day, Judge Walker finally asked whether the 37,000 Californian children being raised by same-sex couples don't also have a right to that security:

American Foundation for Equal Rights

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  1. What about all the kids being raised by unmarried singles and couples? According to this article, 40% of all births in the US now are to unmarried mothers.


    Does this attorney feel the same way about these kids, who in a generation will acount for almost half of the population?

    Why can't some people jsut be honest and say they are homophobic rather than beating around the bush about arguing a position.