When toddlers attack

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is that the sequel to "Eat Drink Man Woman?"

So one of the things I've started doing since I added the accursed live traffic feed at the bottom is to compulsively check it, watching as all the little flags collect around the world.  Obsessive, but it seems every blogger does it.  I've posted a couple of articles in Spanish in hopes of providing some information to Spanish-speaking IPs -- so far, it's pretty sparse, but I'll add more as I come across it.

I was a bit amused, though, to see that Tarrytown, New York, arrived on the blog doing a search for "alquiler mujeres strip phone," which translates to "rent women" and, you guessed it, "strip phone."  Feel free to click on the link.  I have a feeling a blog about two prospective gay dads isn't what Tarrytown was searching for...

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