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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A new beginning for an old blog

This was originally the blog we used to help get people from the States to Spain for our wedding.  I promised to post wedding photos on here, but somehow, one thing led to another and the pictures were never uploaded.  Besides, everyone had already seen them on Facebook, aside from Adrián's Tía Eulalia, who rides a Vespa at age 75 but doesn't have a computer.

Blogging -- especially when I've tried it -- has always seemed the ultimate in navel-gazing.  Some people -- political analysts, presidents and prime ministers, Nobel Prize winners -- have very interesting blogs, I'm sure (though if they're that interesting, how do they have time to blog?).  But I'm not sure anyone is all that interested in how I cleaned up the dog poop in the back yard this morning or wants to hear my observations on L.A. traffic (though I imagine both topics will creep in here occasionally as they each occupy quite a bit of our time).

This is different.  In the past few weeks I've read all the blogs I could find dealing with Indian surrogacy and have found them enormously helpful as we contemplate a process that is at best daunting and expensive and at worst heartbreaking -- and fucking terrifying.  The surrogacy industry in India is relatively new and as yet fairly unregulated, so the best source of support and information I've found is the worldwide community of people who have gone or are going through the process.  That's why I'm offering forth my brain droppings for all to read, to solicit help and support, and to offer it to anyone going down this road after us.

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